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:: Building Information     Modeling

:: Computer Aided Facility     Management

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Creation of CAFM ready drawings                                                            

Creation of floor plans along with building M / E / P systems, with necessary features for

attaching object-oriented-databases,
designing queries and reports for Computer Aided Facility Management     solutions.

Data capture and data conversion  

Converting existing data to the required CAFM format and database preparation. The existing data may be in hardcopy, microfilm, digital or any other format.

Systems design, on-site installation and testing  

Overall CAFM systems study and design.
On-site installation and testing.

Cadworld has a strategic alliance with Graphisoft, the developer of
Drawbase(r) software and a leading solutions provider for the CAFM

About Graphisoft -
Graphisoft, developer of Drawbase(r) software, is a worldwide supplier
of building design software and facility management information systems
and implementation services. Innovative products, combined with partner
programs and consulting services, have established Drawbase as the
leading supplier of solutions to the building industry.

Systems updation and maintenance  

Regular updation and maintenance of both graphical and textual databases.


What is CAFM ?                                                                                  View Projects

Computer aided facility management ( CAFM ), as the name implies, uses a computer program designed to aid in the management of multifaceted and complex facilities.

This includes but is not limited to :

Building systems (electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning)
Furniture & fittings

All existing facility management data is organized, entered and stored in the CAFM system. Data in the system can then be analyzed as necessary for more efficient utilization of assets.

CAFM provides centralized and systematic collation of data on the corporation's buildings, building services, repairs / maintenance, leasing costs, and furniture / equipment. It also helps in updating the data on a regular basis.

CAFM not only simplifies organization, tabulation, and analysis of data, it makes the information more current and readily accessible to those using it to make facility - related decisions.

CAFM recorded data can be accessed by any group or individual authorized to use the system. The information generated is applicable to all management levels within the corporation.

While it is possible to install CAFM in an existing facility, it is naturally more efficient to install it in the early stages of building development. In fact, the earlier it is installed, the more efficient a CAFM system will be.


How does CAFM help ?                   


Building owners and managers can reference data organized and tabulated by CAFM to plan building services and business growth, monitor compliance, control costs and protect assets.

For example :

CAFM "red flags" high cost items that will need repair or replacement so these maintenance costs can be worked into capital improvement budgets in the early stages of planning.

CAFM can help facilities managers improve day-to-day building and building services management, and aids in planning medium and long-term repairs and maintenance.

CAFM gives construction engineers the basis to provide rapid responses to short term repairs, maintenance and construction.

CAFM can have built-in rules to identify deviations from corporate standards ( eg. air quality ) and laws (eg. fire safety, building by-laws).

CAFM can very effectively allocate revenues & costs to units of space and spot variations & trends in profitability.

Movable and immovable assets can be closely tracked, controlled, protected and valued.

CAFM's real power is the program's ability to organize and store information from many building locations in a single comprehensive system.

CAFM facilitates comparing and combining data from all parts of the network. It indicates, for instance, where costs are high, which repairs should be done first when funds are short, or how much it would cost to close and consolidate the various network buildings.
It provides the clear overview needed to prevent management-related losses that might otherwise be difficult to spot with data this wide-ranging and multi-layered.


What is CAFM ?

    How does CAFM help ?
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