:: Architectural    Documentation

:: Engineering    Documentation

:: Building Information     Modeling

:: Computer Aided Facility     Management

:: Paper to CAD/BIM

:: Imaging & 3D Modeling

:: Mapping & GIS Data

:: Data Capture & Conversion



3D Modeling                                                                                           View Projects


Solid-modeling is done for complex mechanical cast and machined components using Solid Modeler software module taking 2D drawings as input.

:: Reverse Engineering                                                                         View Projects

2D Drawings including detailed machine drawings are prepared from complex finished parts using precision 3D scanner , point cloud surface building software and advanced CAD software

:: FEA , Stress & Strain analysis                                                     View Projects
Finite Element Analysis , Stress & Strain analysis are done with specialized software module of Ideas, Ansys to maximize endurance and minimize weight of complex structures of Automobile, moulded furniture etc.

:: Rapid Prototyping                                                                 
  Preparation of 3D drawing input for specialized machines used for building prototypes in a short time without elaborate tooling requirement.

:: 2D CAD and Engineering services, including drawing conversion

                                                                                                                     View Projects

Engineering services like development of 2D drawings for complex mechanical assemblies , process plants, fabricated equipment etc.


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