:: Architectural    Documentation

:: Engineering    Documentation

:: Building Information     Modeling

:: Computer Aided Facility     Management

:: Paper to CAD/BIM

:: Imaging & 3D Modeling

:: Mapping & GIS Data

:: Data Capture & Conversion


:: How experienced are you ?

   Over the last 7 years, we have delivered over 110,000 maps and drawings to our    customers in North America and Europe. Utilizing more than 400 man-years of    project resources.

:: Who are your international clients ?
   What has been your project track record with them ?

   Our clients are spread across USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Austria, Denmark and    India. [ client profile ]

   Most clients are repeat customers - we have not lost a single customer to date.    We would be happy for you to talk to our existing clients. [
client testimonials]

:: Do you have any internationally recognized quality
   certification ?

   Yes. Our facilities are certified under ISO 9001 : 2000 [ ISO Certification ]

:: What about quality and schedules ?

   We have the ability to deliver on-time quality, each time, every time.
Cadworld's approach to quality ]

   We are certified under ISO 9001 : 2000
   This certification ensures :

   - the highest standards of internal quality systems
   - regular quality audits for adherence to standards

   We have solid experience on large, international projects

   - Very large projects (upto 180,000+ man-hours on a single project) have been       taken up and implemented ahead of schedule.

   - IBM, for example, is a repeat client, with documented references.

   A high ratio of 1:6 is maintained between our quality assurance and    production teams

   - Our Quality Manual specifies a 100% check ( on screen and paper ) on each       map and drawing before it is released. Well-documented procedures exist for       each step in quality control and the QC staff sign off on each procedure before       any drawing is released.

   - We employ skilled and qualified Geomatics professionals / Architects / Engineers

   Our internal systems have evolved over our critical global projects, and    are now both reliable and innovative.

   - Our internal systems track each drawing /map through the production cycle.

   - The project management systems cut out delays and enable us to deliver      consistent, on-time quality.

:: Is my data secure ?

   We understand the extreme importance of maintaining the security of proprietary    information. This is of fundamental concern to us.

   The physical security systems at our production center are tight and teams are    segregated where sensitive information is handled. Each client and project is    insulated from the other projects and the drawings/maps are maintained under    strict physical security.

   We are willing to extend whatever legal safeguards you require to assure you of    the safety of your intellectual property contained in your drawings / maps.

:: How do we communicate over such long distances ?

   With reliable e-mail links, direct communication on technical project matters are    never a problem. We have successfully completed over 800,000 man-hours of    work on various global projects on this model.

   Soon, our web-based project management systems will enable all our clients to    check project status, at the level of individual drawings / maps, through our    secure Web site.

   Our reliable project management processes ensure reliable and smooth    communication between all project partners [ Cadworld's processes ]

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