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Raster to Vector conversion                                                           View Projects


In the last 7 years, our cartographic operators have converted more than 45,000 maps and plans, from paper or scans to highly accurate vector in a variety of formats.

The vectorized map sheets can be further geo-referenced and stitched together for a composite mosaic.

Parcel maps / Cadastral
Topo sheets
Cable networks

:: Digitization from Ortho imagery                                                  View Projects

We can accurately collect and categorize features from orthophotos. With our expertise in photogrammetry and GIS, feature identification and classification can be done by us, quickly and correctly.

:: AM / FM / GIS mapping                                                                    View Projects
We build custom maps of your facilities and assets using software from
ESRI, Bentley, AutoDesk and Drawbase or using your own proprietary mapping system.
We have extensive experience and skill sets for the creation of digital map databases of Inside / Outside Plant facilities. 

:: DTM / Breakline / Contour generation from hardcopy   View Projects
We can convert your hard-copy or raster topo sheets to highly accurate

All elevation data ( contours, spot ) will be accurately captured and supplemented by logical watershed / break lines. Automated interpolation software tools will be used to increase data accuracy.

All elevation data will be classified.

The datasets will be used to generate a TIN and DTM.

:: Data migration / Data updation                                       View Projects
GIS data often has to be delivered in a format which is different from the available format.

Data migration usually requires time-consuming rectification and can
seriously hamper smooth project delivery.

We can migrate and deliver highly accurate data between DWG, DXF, DGN, SHP, E00, MIF and many other formats.

:: Thematic integration / Analysis / Query development  View Projects
Our skilled GIS consultants and programmers carry out thematic
classification and develop customized query / analysis tools to meet the requirements of your GIS applications


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