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Selecting the correct offshore project partner can be very rewarding.

Significantly lower your project delivery costs.

Gain a great deal of flexibility in meeting peak project loads.

Confidently bid for large projects without increasing head-count or making expensive investments in capacity.

Gain access to a pool of highly skilled knowledge-workers.

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Going with the wrong offshore partner can cost you your client. 

Or your job

Going offshore adds a few thousands of miles of distance between you and your vendor.

For the vendor, experience on offshore processes is as important as technical skills.

You usually cannot audit the vendor's quality processes. An internationally accepted quality certification is a must.

Claims of quality and experience are easy to make when the client is a thousand miles away. All such claims should be verifiable with respect to project evidence, client references and so on.

Time spent upfront by you ( and your vendor ) for setting up workable systems will pay off handsomely in the long run..

Language and cultural differences can play a surprisingly important role in client-offshore vendor relations.

The "lowest" cost option may prove to be very expensive in terms of project delays, quality problems and loss of client confidence in your company. The best solution is usually the optimum balance between service levels and cost.

:: Questions you should ask    before selecting an    offshore project vendor

   Am I prepared to invest the       time to establish a workable       system with my overseas       vendor ?

   Can the vendor substantiate       the claims made in his       promotional material ?

   Do they have a quality       certification system in
      place ?

   What has been their project       track record ?

   Do I have a sense of       comfort in dealing with them       ( culturally and otherwise ) ?

   Am I necessarily looking for       the lowest-cost vendor ?
      Or do I select the vendor       who delivers the best       "service-to-cost" ratio ?

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