:: Architectural    Documentation

:: Engineering    Documentation

:: Building Information     Modeling

:: Computer Aided Facility     Management

:: Paper to CAD/BIM

:: Imaging & 3D Modeling

:: Mapping & GIS Data

:: Data Capture & Conversion



   An apparently very low price often conceals hidden costs. In terms of low    productivity, poor quality or failure of service.
   Cadworld prides itself on offering one of the best cost-to-services ratio in the    world.
   Truly international quality you can rely on. At highly competitive offshore prices.

   Our pricing and business models are adapted to your operational requirements.    We will be happy tailor a scheme which will meet your specific needs.

    Pricing and business models

:: Fixed price contracts

   It is our normal practice to quote on a fixed price basis.  On a review of the    specifications and data, we would provide our client with a no-escalation, fixed    price for the project.

:: Time - & - Materials contracts

   If convenient for you, a Time-and-Materials Contract can be worked out. Under    this model, we will offer you a very attractive, all inclusive, hourly price. Time    logs will be maintained for all work carried out for you.

:: Frame contracts

   For projects of a standardized nature, a fixed price Frame Contract can be    worked out.


:: Volume discounts

   Significant price discounts are available for higher volumes. If you can    guarantee monthly volumes, we will be delighted to work out a special    pricing model for you.

:: Long term projects

   Projects with an extended turn-around help us to balance our resource    utilization. In return, we offer heavy discounts over our standard rates.

:: Special schemes

   We will be happy to design a customized scheme which meets your particular    requirements.
   a) Remote Office, with guarantee of resource availability
   b) Build - Operate - Transfer

   Ask for details

All our work is covered by our quality warranty.Specific warranty   terms to suit your requirements can be discussed and agreed upon.

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