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:: Fixed price contracts

   It is our normal practice to quote on a fixed price basis.
   Price approval before start of project

   Under this model, on a review of the specifications and data, we would provide    our client with a no-escalation, fixed price for the project. The client would then    review and approve the price before the project is taken up for execution.

   Price approval after delivery

   However, after working together for a while, it is likely that both of us will have a    good understanding of what the price for a project should be. Most of our regular    clients pre-approve our quote for a project. This enables us to start a project    quickly.
   In the rare cases where our quote exceeds the client's budget for that job, we    discuss the matter ( even after delivery has taken place ) and are usually able to    resolve the issue satisfactorily.

   This procedure of course works only if both of us work together regularly.

:: Time - & - Materials contracts

   If convenient for you, a Time-and-Materials Contract can be worked out. 

   Under this model, we will offer you a very attractive, all inclusive, hourly price.    Time logs will be maintained for all work carried out for you. Invoices will be    raised based on the agreed hourly price and the time booked on your projects. A    full record for time utilization will be provided to you for your review.

   Some initial effort will have to be made by both parties to benchmark productivity    standards. Budget hours should be provided for QA activities.

:: Frame contracts

   For projects of a standardized nature, a fixed price Frame Contract can be worked    out.

:: Volume discounts

   Significant price discounts are available for higher volumes. If you can guarantee    monthly volumes, we will be delighted to work out a special pricing model for you.

:: Long term projects

   Projects with an extended turn-around help us to balance our resource utilization.    In return, we offer heavy discounts over our standard rates.

:: Remote office model

   Many projects require extensive interaction between all project partners before    the delivery can be frozen. Modifications and alterations to specifications or design    are common. Operators have to wait for modifications to specifications or designs    to be complete before they can take up work. Project deadlines are usually tight,    and production has to be taken up urgently as soon as design or specification    modification data is available.

   This can make balancing resource availability and meeting project schedules a    challenging task.

   To give you the flexibility of working at your own pace, Cadworld offers you your    own remote office at our premises. This comes with a guarantee of resources    always being available for your own projects, with no waiting time for a production    slot.

   You can book a team at Cadworld for any period convenient to you. For that time,    they are reserved for your exclusive use. Attractive price discounts are available    for such bookings. As an additional benefit, the dedicated team will quickly    become very familiar with your in-house standards and practices, leading to high    productivity and quick turn-around.

   If this sounds interesting, please let us know - we will be happy to work out an    attractive Remote Office scheme for you.

:: Build - Operate - Transfer

   Perhaps you have plans of starting a back-office operation in India, owned and    controlled by you. We will be happy to set up your operations in India to any    specification required by you, operate it on your behalf for a transitional period    and transfer it to you in a smooth hand-over. No hassles, no risks.














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