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We received positive feedback from the client today - great work!

Project Manager
Very large architectural firm

All the models are amazing!

Project Manager
very large retail chain in USA

Thank you for you and your team’s hard work on the model, it looks great!

Project Manager
Bank in USA

We want to thank you for the quick response to our request for drawings, this has made it possible for us to meet our commitments to our clients.

We look forward to continuing to work with your company in the
production of our projects.

I appreciate your prompt response and honesty about deadlines.
So far the drawings we have been receiving have been high in quality –
keep up the good work !


Project Manager
Californian architectural firm

We are very pleased with your performance as our outsourcing drafting service over the past few months.

Good work this week, you and your staff are raising some eyebrows in the office here. I am sure your hard work is going to pay dividends in the long term with us.

Engineering Project Manager
American architectural company

I am informed that the delivery has a high quality. Congratulations!

We really appreciate your efforts for achieving a delivery within the short time.

Danish Geomatics company

Our personnel have visited their ( Cadworld's ) facilities and found it to be of good quality.
We are entirely satisfied with Cadworld's performance, in terms of quality as well as in meeting project milestones.

Sigrid Kampmann
Project Manager

Thank you for the outstanding drawings we have now received on the project.
The drawings were done well and you did well to interpret some of the poor quality text on the original …

British architectural firm

If you ever need paper-to-CAD services, let me recommend that you contact Vinayak Sen of Cadworld in Calcutta .
We have done business with him for years and Cadworld is both affordable and reliable.

The quality of their work is virtually perfect so that there is essentially no project management required.

an unsolicited recommendation from Al Moulton,
previously President, Graphisoft Inc, USA
to the CEO of Graphisoft, Europe

We were quite pleased with their understanding of our requirements.
The standard is very good indeed. .
I would be very confident that Cadworld would meet the quality and specification requirements for the projects.

Internal memo of a
large British geomatics and CAD company

You saved the day, the drawings are perfect.
It blew the customer away.
Thank you !

New Jersey based Reprographics company

We were happy with the completed drawings you returned to us.
The quality was of the standard we were hoping for and it was returned promptly.
Thank you for your commitment

British architectural and facilities company

Thank you for your commitment to making sure the work is done correctly.

British Geomatics company

I have just received word that your work was satisfactory.
Also I have checked on some of the other companies that you have done work for and they are pleased with your work.

J Jenkins
North American geomatics company

Thank you for working fast and with high quality to meet our terms of delivery
British Geomatics company

The client has seen some of the very nice towers and domes you have made.
I am happy to approve the delivery. It is very nice that you have made it so nice.

Danish Geomatics company

The project has been delivered to the client  and he was satisfied with the result.
We for our part were also satisfied with Cadworlds work

British architectural firm

We are constrained from disclosing the identities of our customers on our website for business reasons as well as non-disclosure agreements with some clients.

However, our clients really are our best reference. On request, we will be happy to share the original correspondence with you.

Or, provide you with contact details of customers who have no privacy constraints. Please feel free to talk to them...

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