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We at Cadworld have been working with companies across the globe since 1997.

  We know what works.
  We know the dangers to avoid.

1) Stable and successful operations since 1997.

2) Strongly focused on meeting customer commitments.

     No hard-sell, no over-promising, no short-cuts on delivery. Our excellent      project track record ensures regular repeat business from our customers and      an enviable customer retention record over 7 years of doing business.

     Our customers are our best reference. Many have been with us over the last 6      to 7 years. We will be happy for you to talk to any of them. 

     Confirm their level of comfort in doing business with us. Our confidence stems      from our consistently professional, ethical and quality-driven business      dealings.

     Client references

3) Highly process driven.

     Well-documented procedures for every step of operation. Heavy use of      software tools for tracking project statistics.


4) Solid experience on very large, multi-partner international projects.


5) Excellent project track record. Regular repeat business from clients.

6) We value our business relationships, and it shows.

     Our dealings with our business associates are ethical, transparent and based      on the principle of "fair and reasonable". From small things like paying our      vendors and employees strictly on time to larger issues such as delivering the      committed quality. 

7) We take pride in our work.

     We would rather do 'too much" than "too little". Sometimes, projects do go      wrong. In such cases, we devote whatever resources necessary to bring the      project back on track, so that your relationship with your client is protected.

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