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:: Parametric Solid Modeling of Piston components using Pro/E


   Parametric Solid Modeling of piston components using Pro/E .Study of the parts       and drawings and creation of models for casting and machining using master       merge method. Also created core parts by extracting the surfaces from the       casting part. Drafts, parting lines and rounds were the critical areas in those       pistons. Created drawings for the same as well.

Creation of 3D model from 2D drawings


Solid modeling of mechanical components from scanned 2D drawings

:: Design of work cell


   Design of work cell comprising of Automatic Conveyor, Stacker that can stack up       to 8 bins and an inverter, which will invert bins. Entire system was PLC controlled       with minimum manual intervention.

:: Design of SKD conveyor for TV plants using Pro/E


   Design of automatic conveyors, jigs and fixtures for Assembly, Stacker etc.
   Design layout and conveyor for shop floor material movement. Designed belt       conveyor, inclined conveyor and roller conveyor.

:: Design of Scrubbing machine using AutoCAD


   Design of scrubbing machine using AutoCAD, which performs operation like       high-pressure cleaning, brushing, fresh water rinsing, drying on PCB prior to       screen-printing which will subjected to highly corrosive atmosphere.

:: Development of 2D drawings of Mechanical Link Assembly & itís    components


   Development of 2D drawings of Mechanical Link Assembly & itís components       from sketches and design regulations .

   Project was done for both six or eight link membrane mechanisms designed for       transfer of high speed torque from one shaft to another. Diameters of the hubs       can be varied in a wide range.

   Higher rated link assemblies including 2D component drawings were developed       from sample of lower size drawings taking care of increased torque & rpm .

:: Preparation of detail drawing of Metal Membrane Flexible Coupling


   Preparation of detail drawing of Metal Membrane Flexible Coupling of different       sizes from parametric relation.

:: Preparation of detail engineering drawing


   Preparation of detail engineering drawing of process plant.

:: Reverse Engineering of Office equipment like , Chair , Computer Table    etc.

   3D scan data were used as input for this Pro/E application. The project involved       reverse engineering of office equipment parts. The client had supplied sample       parts for which parametric 3D modeling were to be done in Pro/Engineer. The       parts included die cast and plastic parts. The parts were scanned on Renishaw       cyclone machine to generate Pro/E IBL file. This file was edited in Pro/SCAN-      
      TOOLS to get smooth surface and curves. The various sections were taken from       this model and a parametric Pro/E model was created using the section data       from scanned model. For all the parts 2D parametric drawings had to be created.

:: Reverse Engineering of shower parts for a company in USA


   Reverse engineered the plastic molded components using Pro/E

:: Reverse Engineering of Moulded Furniture Components


   About 800 plastic moulded components were supplied to us , whose dimensions       were accurately picked up in 3D Co-ordinate Measuring Machine. Subsequently       3D models were developed for these components in Inventor . Finally 2D       manufacturing drawings were generated for Casting and machining .

:: Dante Robot Project


   Performed 3D Stress Analysis and Design Optimization on the Leg and Frame       Structure to maximize endurance and minimize weight. Solid Modeling was done       using Solid works and Stress Analysis was performed using ANSYS.

:: Solid Modeling, FEA and Design using ANSYS


   Solid Modeling, FEA and Design using ANSYS for Bus Chassis and Seats in       accordance to Highway Traffic Safety Administration requirements.

Project description & sample


















Project description & sample

Project description & sample


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